Probate and estate administration

Dimos Lawyers has been advising executors and administrators of estates since 1969.

When a person dies, leaving assets in Victoria, it is usually the responsibility of the executor of the deceased person’s will to finalise their affairs.


By working with such a wide range of clients, our team is familiar with the many issues that can arise on all sides.
Our solutions are often based on lateral thinking.

The role of the executor

Being an executor generally involves:

  • collecting or gathering all of the deceased’s assets
  • promptly paying any debts of the deceased
  • distributing the assets to beneficiaries.

But it is not always as simple as collecting in funds from bank accounts and transferring property. An executor might need legal advice on the deceased’s business affairs, partnership interests, family discretionary trusts or private companies. They might need to obtain a grant of representation from the court.

Acting as an executor can be a confusing and stressful experience.

Advice and support for executors

Dimos Lawyers has been providing practical advice and assistance to executors and administrators of estates since 1969.

Our extensive experience in this practice area means that we can advise you on every aspect of:

  • applying for probate
  • applying for letters of administration on intestacy (dying without a valid will)
  • the proper administration of an estate.

Our team provides detailed estate administration accounts and works with executors, administrators and beneficiaries alike to collect in assets from various institutions, liaise with estate’s creditors and liquidate assets in the most cost-effective manner. This way you can ensure the most efficient distribution and finalisation of the estate.

Services for executors

We can help executors to:

  • apply for a grant of probate
  • apply for letters of administration on intestacy
  • locate, collect and liquidate assets, including cash, shares, superannuation and real estate, whether in Australia or overseas
  • locate and correspond with Australian and overseas beneficiaries
  • administer the estate, including distributing the estate in the correct legal order
  • respond to any challenges to a will (see our estate litigation area).

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Experience in advising executors

Our extensive experience in this area of law includes many years of:

  • advising executors and administrators
  • acting for executors in applying for probate
  • acting for administrators in applying for letters of administration
  • coordinating the sale of commercial and residential property, whether located in Victoria, interstate or overseas
  • administering complex, high-wealth estates with many different forms of assets and sources of income
  • coordinating and obtaining comprehensive tax advice from leading tax consultants on testamentary trust structures, conversion of assets and capital gains tax implications, both for the estate and the beneficiaries
  • managing disputes between co-executors and between executors and beneficiaries.